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North Jersey Friends Launch Line Of Barbecue Sauces

A pair of chefs are teaming up to create a line of one-of-a-kind homemade barbecue sauces called "DM BBQ Sauces."

Dave Morales, of Newark, and Vinny Botti, of Totowa, met at Twisted Elm Tavern in 2016 and became business partners two years later. They each bring their own unique culinary experience to the business, making for a sweet, tangy and savory sauce combinations.

While Morales works as the chef, Botti handles the business side of operations. Together, they want to make barbecuing easy, they said.

“We're bringing different flavors into your home,” Morales and Botti said. “You don't have to go out and get takeout BBQ; we want you to become your own chef in your very own home…We cook from our hearts and we want to be there with you when you do, too.”

Making a full batch of sauce takes about a full day, the pair says.

“Dave is constantly stirring at a simmer," Botti said. "You don't want to rush the process. It has to be perfect for the customers."

The company’s three sauce flavors are Classic BBQ, Spicy Maple and Asian BBQ — and they’re all available for purchase on the brand’s website.

Moarles and Botti are already planning carefully for the future of the company, which could include a physical storefront and/or selling the sauces at grocery stores.

“We have plenty of great ideas to come: a possible storefront, food trucks and your local grocery stores of course!” they said.

Follow DM BBQ Sauces on Facebook for upcoming flavor releases, recipes and other brand updates — and of course, take the advice of the brand’s motto and “cook from the heart.”

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