About Us

DM BBQ Sauces was started in late 2019 when owners David "Davey" Morales, and Vincent "Vinny" Botti decided to come together to create a sauce that was different from the rest. Davey and Vinny met in 2016 at the Twisted Elm Tavern where Davey was the Sou Chef and Vinny was a bartender. 

They decided to join forces and create a unique barbecue sauce that people would enjoy. Their goal was and still is to have everyone cook from their heart just like Davey does every day. Those special memories and good times in the backyard start with us, and end with you.


Meet the owners

David Morales- Executive Chef & Founder of DM BBQ Sauces

I've been around the kitchen all my life! It definitely wasn't easy to reach the level I am at today. It took a lot of work, hours & dedication. I work and have worked with some great local Jersey Chefs. I vested a lot from them and put my own twist into my cooking. I’ve worked in well known restaurants such as The Highlawn Pavilion, Skylands at Randolph, West Orange Manor and Twisted Elm Tavern. It is at Twisted Elm where I got to show and prove myself and who I was as a Chef.

My time at the Elm was amazing. I received recognition from 201 magazine, Bergen county magazine, and was noticed by the Food Network. I Participated in several events, such as Food and Wine and Table to Table. One of my greatest successes was getting voted back-to-back best brunch in Bergen county by the Daily Voice.  This was a tremendous experience and I have been humbled by all the success. So I thought, why not start something that people loved at the restaurant- and that’s my sauces. I want to bring that delicious flavor to your home and allow you to become your own chef,  from the comfort of your own kitchen! Always remember #cookfromtheheart


Vincent Botti- Co-Founder of DM BBQ Sauces 

I remember growing up, barbecues always brought everyone together. Playing games in the backyard, watching the big game and enjoying some great food are memories I will never forget. It's a tradition that I will pass on to my family. 

After graduating from Montclair State University, I knew that I wanted to work for myself. I've always been a go-getter and had big dreams.

Dave and I met in 2016 at the Twisted Elm Tavern. He was just starting out as Sou Chef when I was hired to bartend. Over the course of 3 years we became great friends. When I had the opportunity to become his business partner, I didn't hesitate. And the rest is history. 


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